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1 Alders Brook, the   Plants (list)        
2 Aldersbrook Bridle Path            
3 Aldersbrook Estate Photos          
4 Aldersbrook Exchange Land   (The old Sewage Works Site)            
5 Aldersbrook Manor and Farm Diagram of Excavations          
6 Aldersbrook Wood   Plants (list)        
7 Alexandra Lake Photos   Drainage System (Photos)      
8 Angell's Pond Photos          
9 Birch Well Photos          
10 Bridle Path, the    (see Aldersbrook Bridle Path)            
11 Bulrush Pond            
12 Bund, the            
13 Bush Wood Photos Plants (list) Plants (overview      
14 Chalet, the Photo          
15 Chalet Wood            
16 City of London Cemetery Photos Plants (list) History and Flora Map Old Plan of the Cemetery Fungi (list)
17 Dames Road Pond   (see Jubilee Pond)            
18 Dell, the.... Photos          
19 Eagle Pond Photos          
20 Epping Forest            
21 Exchange Lands, the   (see Sewage Works Site)            
22 Friends Meeting House Grounds Photos Plants (list)        
23 Frying Pan Pond            
24 Gilbert's Slade Map Plants (list) Plants (overview)      
25 Glade, the            
26 Green Man roundabout/underpass   Plants (list)        
27 Grotto, the Photos          
28 Grove, the            
29 Heronry Pond Photos          
30 Hollow Ponds            
31 House Field Pond    (see Shoulder of Mutton Pond)            
32 Jubilee Pond Photos   History The Lakehouse Lake Project Wildlife  
33 Lake House Photos          
34 Lake System - Wanstead Park........for details of the Lake System of Wanstead Park, see FOWP website            
35 Leyton Flats Map Plants (list) Plants (overview) Other Features River Holt  
36 Little Ilford Park   Plants (list)        
37 Manor Park Cemetery   Plants (list) Birds (list) Other Wildlife History  
38 Model Yacht Pond   (see Jubilee Pond)            
39 Ornamental Waters Photos          
40 Perch Pond Photos          
41 Plain, the            
42 Quaker Burial Ground   (see Friends Meeting House Grounds) Photos Plants (list)        
43 Redbridge Lane West Allotments   Plants (list)        
44 Repton Oak, the Photo          
45 Reservoir Wood Photo          
46 Rising Sun Woods            
47 River Holt       Diagram "The River Holt" by Barry Hughes  
48 River Roding            
49 River Wood            
50 Sandhills Pond   (see Alexandra Lake)            
51 Sewage Works Site Photos Plants (list) Plants (overview) Birds (list) Other Wildlife Map
52 Shoulder of Mutton Pond Photos          
53 St Mary Magdalene, East Ham   Plants (list)        
54 St Mary's Church, Little Ilford Photos Plants (list)        
55 St Mary's Church, Wanstead   Plants (list        
56 Temple, the Photos          
57 Wanstead Flats Map Plants (list) Plants (overview) Birds (list)...Trees Cattle History
58 Wanstead House Gateposts at Overton Drive   Tree Avenues      
59 Wanstead Park Photos Plants (list) Plants (overview) Map Birds (list)...Fungi (list) Lake System..Wartime damage..."Robert at Wanstead Park
60 Warren Wood            
61 Waterworks Wood            
62 Webster's Land   Plants (list)        
63 Whisker's Island